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Tain stands, as it has stood through the centuries, between the heather and the sea, in the far north-east of Scotland.  As the oldest Royal Burgh in Scotland it is proud of its possession of over 950 years of history offering a haven of rest in a world of frenetic activity.  Tain gives you a lot to write home about with its industry in Forestry, Distilling, Cheese making, Salmon and Mussel fishing, Jewellery and Pottery production. 

Its variety of outdoor pursuits, along with the tang of the sea, the call of a sea-bird in the summer twilight and the peace of a quiet beach will captivate you in this delightful corner of Ross-shire.

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The Tain Community Website is run by the Tain Initiative. If you wish to list your business details please contact Maggie Mercer on duthac01@btconnect.com or telephone 01862 892072.

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