Customised Leisurely Guided Walking

Customised Leisurely Guided Walking
Balvaig Cottage B&B, Culrain, Ardgay, Sutherland
IV24 3DW
Tel: 01549 421210
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Do you think of guided walking holidays in Scotland as being for the superfit, waking up at the crack of dawn, being marched up and down hills in all weathers, stopping only to take short breaks for food, and no time to really appreciate and enjoy the scenery? ... in large parties of superkeen and ultra-competitive walkers who seem to think that walking is no different from marathon running or sprinting?

At Balvaig, we offer Scottish guided walking holidays with a difference. We customise them to suit your interests, your fitness level, and we can take you on a large variety of routes with geological and archaeological interest, even evening walks for astronomy and stargazing, coastal walks along sandy beaches, walks along rivers and lochs, etc. Most of the walks we provide are suitable for all seasons. We can provide tuition in creative photography, too, on these walks. We go at your pace; we stop when you want to stop. We set the length and type walks according to your preferences, and also according to the weather conditions, which, in Scotland, are often highly variable and highly localised. These walks do not require high levels of fitness, nor do they require the latest high performance outdoor wear. Most walks require reliable waterproofs and boots or shoes with reasonably good soles, but nothing out-of-the-ordinary.

Please also note that although we are experienced walkers and will not take you on routes we know to be dangerous, we are not qualified mountain guides or first aiders, and therefore all walks are carried out entirely at your own risk. We will, however, advise you on likely risks, to the best of our knowledge, for any given route. If you are concerned at all, please take out your own insurance cover. However, we are confident that these walks involve no greater risk than any normal outdoor walking, with a few exceptions which we can advise you on - e.g. care has to be taken near some of the gorges and waterfalls where the tracks are narrow and can be slippery.

Likewise, if you do not have your own transport and we offer to take you to the walk starting points in our car, this is at your own risk. We do drive slowly and carefully and have experience of the local roads. Normally speaking, we would go in our car ahead of you while you follow us. Some walks are accessible via public transport and directly from the house itself.

On these walks we can provide packed lunches, or, if you prefer, you can make up your own sandwiches.

Do take your time to have a really good look around our website so that you can let us know the particular places you would most like to visit on your guided walking holiday. Please also indicate when contacting us, that it is specifically a guided walking holiday you wish to book (rather than just B&B), what kinds of walks you want, what your fitness level is, or isn't, and whether or not you have walking equipment, so that we can work out some suitable programmes for you (which we always also adapt to the weather). You can also have a normal bed and breakfast holiday with guided walks incorporated for some of your time with us. Please indicate what you would like. Thank you.


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