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Gizzen Briggs
Tel: +44 (0)1862 892121

Gizzen Briggs is a traditional music group based in Tain Royal Academy.  The aim of the group is to encourage young people to be involved in traditional music – both instrumental and vocal, and dance.  The group has played in many different venues, from the opening of the Scottish Parliament to the State Capital Building, Montana, from Eden Court Theatre to many barns at various ploughing marches!

The name Gizzen Briggs is from the sandbar at the entrance to the Dornoch Firth.   This links the two areas that members of the group come from, Sutherland and Ross-shire.

According to tradition, the Gizzen Briggs is the remains of an attempt to build a land bridge from Ross-shire to Sutherland.  A local legend tells that the chief of the clan Mackay was forbidden to open it, but curiosity got the better of him and the box was opened.  He was immediately surrounded by hordes of fairies yelling “Obair, obair, obair” meaning “work, work, work”.  The quick-witted messenger sent the fairies to weave ropes of sand, a task which is, of course, impossible to do.  The fairies are still there, toiling away at their never ending task.  Sometimes, with the wind in the right direction, they can be heard lamenting that they can never return to their old haunts.

Gizzen Briggs has released five recordings.  Their most recent CD, Out of the Blue, was lauched in February 2008.  It is available to purchase through the school on 01862 892121 or to buy at local shops.

To hear a sample from some of the tracks on Gizzen Briggs Ceithir (Gizzen Briggs Four) please click below:

The Humours of Tulla
Mom’s Jig                    
The Montana Set
The Tongadale

If you wish more information on the band or wish to purchase a CD please email


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