Our Old People

Activities, facilities and clubs

Over 60s Club
– with a large membership this group meet monthly and regularly organise social and recreational events for itsmembers. This includes theatre and cinema visits and daytrips.  The group also hold dances and fundraising eventsthroughout the year.  Members of the community, both young and old, regularly volunteer to assist the group in fundraising andproviding refreshments and entertainment at their meetings.

Arthritis Care – this group have over 100 members from Tain and the surrounding area and take a very active part in the care of the elderly within the community.  The group meet monthly and are closely involved with the health professionals within Tain and the Highland region.

Third Agers – originally set up as a sporting/activity group for olderpeople within the community this group has grown in membership and therange of activities.  It provides regular keep fit classes andruns walking groups, led by trained volunteers.  The group nowalso include many social events and organise trips for members. The group took part in a national radio programme about health and activities for older people.

Community Dances
– the Gala Association run tea dances and ceilidhs throughout the year for older members of the community.  The Community Council hold an annual New Year’s party for all older membersof the community.  This event is free of charge to all residents of Tain and a large buffet and drinks are provided by volunteers and local businesses.  Volunteers also provide free transport.

Community transport

There are a number of volunteers who regularly provide transport for hospital visits, day trips and social events – an informal network. 

There are two minibuses within the community owned by Tain Royal Academy and Tain St Duthus Special School which are generously shared with groups in the town.

Involvement in local community

Representation - The elderly within the Tain community are representedon many groups including the Tain Community Council.  This ensures that their needs and priorities are identified and acted on.

Environment - Many of Tain’s elderly residents take part in the daily watering of the flower baskets and tubs, plant and maintain publicflower beds and join with the younger generation to take part in cleanup campaigns.

Working with Youth – As well as helping to run the Youth Café many older members of the community work with the local schools to assist inhistory and modern studies projects.  They also assist with playground duty in the primary schools.

Community Awards – A number of elderly members of the community werehonoured for their contributions to the overall wellbeing and development of the community in the Community Awards organised by the Community Council and Initiative Group.

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